The Good and Bad

Advice I once gave to a friend:

Bad and good times always come in waves. ‘Cause sometimes I’ll find a $100 bill, and that week I’ll get a raise and promotion at work, and then I’ll get a mention from Britney Spears on Twitter and it’s the best month of my life! Then, the following month I’ll get into a car accident, my identity will be stolen, Britney Spears will mention me again on Twitter and say “sorry meant to @ a different Amy” and it will just be like the worst year of my life! So you just gotta keep your head up until you find that $100 bill.

A Child Of Immigrants

A week ago my mom asked if I would help her Hmong friend create his resume because she really wanted to get him a job at her workplace. I had never met this friend but they had previously worked together for over 10 years.  She said he was a really hard worker but his resume didn’t display any evidence of that. In fact, when I looked at it, it had only four full sentences on it – one which included a misspelling of his own email address. Knowing his English wasn’t particularly proficient I had to spend a lot of time asking detailed questions about his job history and his responsibilities in each role because neither he nor my mom could easily communicate those things. When I completed, what I felt was, a satisfactory resume I sent it to my mom’s boss.