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As I’ve aged, I’ve found myself mailing birthday presents almost as often as I hand deliver them.  Life has done some beautiful things for my friends and I; leading us all in different directions but keeping our friendships the same. I love any excuse to celebrate the people who mean the most to me so here’s a Birthday Box I sent off to Dallas before I left for vacation! Gifting can sometimes be an arduous task so I sometimes prefer picking an array of smaller items rather than fretting over finding one large suitable gift.  My advice: just be thoughtful. And don’t send anything made of glass unless your recipient has adept skills in using guerrilla glue.





In My Birthday Box:
1. Socks – Always a fun go-to gift/stocking filler for me. In my case, the birthday girl is actually a collector of quirky socks so I gifted her these  ‘Happy Birthday’ HOTSOX!
2. “I’m Outta Here” Luggage Tag – A cute accessory for her upcoming travels.
3. Layered Choker Necklace – I always love including a piece of jewelry with gifts.
4. Birthday Crown – Yes, I’m 6 years old because I purchased a crown kit and made this myself! I understand this might be too puerile for some, but who doesn’t want to be a princess on their birthday?!
5. Confetti – Because duh.
6. Flamingo Mug – Everyone should own an unhealthy sized mug collection.

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