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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was filled with things I was supposed to do and rain checks to the gym.  In other words, it was a lazy weekend for me 🙂  I’m officially on Spring Break from school so I’ve been preparing myself to be mentally and physically dormant this week.  The boy and I decided not to go anywhere this year since his parents recently surprised us by letting us know they booked a trip for us in August!  We will be going to Belize, Jamaica, and Cozumel!  It will be my first time leaving the country so I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!  Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my pseudo beach (aka bed) and my daily margaritas (aka lemon water).

In recent news – I’ve entered into the deepest phase of shoe mania.  What was supposed to be a one-stop-shop for a new pair of work heels recently ended up being a one-too-many-stops shopping experience.  I couldn’t help myself, as each of my finds was under $30!  I even told the cashier to keep the change when he rang me up.  No. No, I really didn’t.  I thought about it, but I needed lunch money.  Staying true to my black palette, here’s my latest & greatest:

1. Vince Camuto Heels, $29
2. Ralph Laurel Fringe Boots, $25
3. Nike AFI Light High Top Sneakers, $20
4. Nike Air Max Sneakers, $27

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