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Treated myself to some retail therapy after my erratic week of returning to school and work. While it is certain my 80 hour weeks will be the death of me, I find comfort in knowing my student loans will be willed to my baby sister (sorry Kells).

Per usual, I found a volume of bargains during my trip!  I never like to shop without a mission in mind and on this particular one I was on the hunt for three very specific things: a new jacket, a new pair of jeans, and a new pair of boots; all of which I am in desperate need of (nevermind that we probably have contrasting views on what we consider “needs”).  I was happily able to find all three for 1/599th of the price I would have paid regular price (that was a made up fraction used to fortify the bargain I acquired and impress you by thinking I really knew how to do math)!  Despite my hoarder-ing past, I really don’t like to invest in anything that will not result in long-term wear.  I stay away from buying things just because they have a red-tag or because they are trending at the moment (bar my rainbow wind suit. THOSE ARE COMING BACK, I SWEAR).

I’ll be sharing my recent finds with you guys in an upcoming post, but I thought I’d share some places I stopped by and the amazing deals they are having!  Since most stores are currently getting rid of their winter inventory, it’s the perfect time to pick up some great crossover pieces for Spring/Fall. If you’re a bargain shopper enthusiast, such as myself, and you have a few extra bucks – you might need want to indulge!

1. Forever 21 – Extra 50% all sale items in-store and online.
2. Express – Extra 50% all sale items in-store.
3. H&M – Extra 50% all sale items in-store.
4. American Eagle – Extra 50% all sale items
5. Len – 75% all blue tags (including shoes!)
6. Victoria’s Secret – Semi Annual sale going on now!  Bras starting at $15.99 and panties at $2.99
7. Gap – Extra 40% SALE items
8. Banana Republic – Extra 40% sale items online and in-stores.
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