Being that yesterday was MLK and I was defeated with schoolwork & KUWTK episodes, I am officially posting my homage tribute a day late.  Pardon the photo shoot that had to take place in my boyfriend’s living room with his beautiful blinds as a backdrop.  We couldn’t get good lighting so we decided to go amateur.  I contemplated pinning a bed sheet behind me, but it was laundry day so all we had was Ninja Turtle ones.  Not that I have anything against Ninja Turtles – it really just came down to the fact that the print clashed with my jacket (all Ninja Turtle fanatics exhale).

All bargains are listed subsequent to the photos!  I wanted to show off some recent store finds that have become my every day go-to items, along with the tee I wore (a $7 find!) to pay homage to the legend that left his mark on this world some 46 years ago.  I hope you know we’re still living out your dream, Mr. King.

Picture 2:  Tray ($8) , Mirrored jewelry box ($5) – Target | Boots ($22) – LEN
Picture 3: Perfume – Burberry | Fake Up Concealer ($24), Bad Gal Lash ($19) – Benefit | Lipstick ($5) – Kate Moss in Nude | Lip Gloss ($5) – NYX
Picture 4: Clutch ($15) – Rebecca Minkoff
Picture 5: Homage Tee ($7) – Urban Outfitters
Picture 6: Hat ($20) – Carhartt | Army Jacket ($11) – Forever 21

2 comments on “Homage

  1. loooooooove carhartt! the other day, i moved one of beds to vacuum and found half a dozen carhartt hats on the floor that brady would wear to sleep and fall off. i had a big laugh.

    and that t is adorable!

    love the first photo!

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