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Happy Most Dreaded Day Of The Week!  It has indeed served as another manic Monday.  They even closed down college campuses in Minnesota today due to the severe cold!  That hasn’t happened since Jesus walked on water.  My boyfriend got his 3rd “Cold Day” from work and was able to stay home.  Really? Who coddles their adult employees by giving them Cold Days?!  And do they have any current openings?  I prayed really hard my car wouldn’t start this morning, but I think even God got the day off.  Unfortunately, I was cursed into making the 45 minute trek into the office – but comfortably and fashionably so!

I stuck to my basic blacks, whites, & grays for this ensemble.  Aside from the fact that my closet is barraged with these colors, I’ve also been in a dark mood lately from overdosing on episodes of my new favorite show The Following!  I devoted my entire weekend to it.  I stayed up till 5 AM Saturday just to finish the first series; proving my unwavering loyalty.  Beware, World, I am on full cult awareness alert.  If you even look at me funny, I WILL not hesitate to pursue a roundabout kick I learned from Street Fighter III.

Blazer, Shoes: H&M
Waxed Pants: Old Navy ($7!)
Grey Sweater: Old Navy ($3!)
White Blouse: The Loft
Necklace: Zara
Clutch: NY&C
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  1. I was on THE FOLLOWING kick, too. I forgot where I left off…

    Today was just ridiculously cold and I am usually okay with the last artic blast, but today was not cutting it. I wanted to cry! I work in the school district, so I get some days off b/c of it.

    I'm so ready for Spring!

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