Winter Favorites

With winter in full swing, these staple repeats have been uninterrupted (and all budget-friendly finds as you will see below!).  I struggle with balancing staying warm & comfortable in the winter and these items keep me both! I could lie and say I’ve actually thrown these in the laundry after wearing them arduously for 24 straight days, but I’m not that insidious.  Speaking of insidious, after seeing the movie my roommate and I are convinced a ghost lives with us.  Yesterday it came home, turned on the microwave, and used the downstairs powder room.  Coincidentally enough it left remnants of food from my roommates restaurant in the microwave and my roommate’s slippers in the powder room.  Wait a minute….?!

Anyway, hope everyone is staying warm for the holidays!

1. Gray Sweater – Uniqlo, $20 | 2. Handwarmers – H&M, $4 | 3. Trapper hat – A&E, $10 | 4. Plaid scarf, H&M, $7 | 5. Bomber vest, Gap, $30 | 6. Vaseline Lip Therapy, $4 | 7. Tory Burch Snow Boots – Nordstrom Rack, $99

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