After Monday comes Shoesday, every girl knows that! After shopping Urban Outfitters extra 50% off sale last week, I snagged these for only $35!  The shipping was quite expeditious as they showed up on my doorstep yesterday afternoon.  And who doesn’t get excited when they see a box with a goddess riding a unicorn in Litas show up on their doorstep?  I’ll have to wait for dryer weather before I attempt to wear these outside, but for the time being they make for great bedroom decor.  I haven’t decided if I want them on my footboard where they’ll be the last thing I see before I fall asleep and first thing I see when I wake up, or next to my TV so when my boyfriend and I watch movies he won’t be able to tell the difference of what I’m truly staring at.

In between study sessions and wrapping Christmas gifts at home, I bring these babies downstairs and use my kitchen as a makeshift runway to get some wear time.  Being that my kitchen is only 15 feet long, I’m required to walk back and forth numerous times to get the full ‘runway’ experience, which leavens my roommate to scream at me to take my shoes off and to go to sleep.  God never said it would be easy, but he said he’d see me through.

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