Post Birthday

Not much changes in the transition from 24 to 25, except for the fact that now you can rent a car instead of borrowing your parents mini-van to go on road trips.  Other than that, you pretty much just put another year under your belt and engulf the unsavory feeling of age.  If you’re lucky, like me, you had an incredible family and boyfriend help assuage the revulsion by throwing you a birthday party with numerous gifts and activities that wholly and utterly embodied your youth.  Theses gifts and activities included, but were not limited to: a Nintendo 64 Super Smash Brothers tournament, a Justin Beiber photo-booth, an original Polaroid camera, card games, and your mom’s favorite recipes.  Who wouldn’t love turning 25 if this is what it always entailed?

While every day continuously proves to be a greater blessing than the day it followed, here are 25 of my favorite moments/memories of the last 25 years:

1. Touching the ocean!
2. My 3 hour segway tour of Boston reigns as the funnest thing I’ve ever done.
3. Seeing Britney Spears live.  Everyone who knows me….knows.
4. New York City circa 2007 with my National Business Group.
5. Getting one of my poems submitted in a book in middle school.
6. Starting my blog!
7. Meeting a wonderful charming boy on a 5 way date and falling madly in love.
8. Meeting Jackie Chan…..’s wax figure.  Still as close as I might ever get, so I’ll take it!
9. The year I was Activities Coordinator at the X-Factor family reunion.
10. Hlub Church Camp 2006 in Missouri – what an amazing experience!
11. Rapping in my first musical in 7th grade.
12. Meeting and interviewing a wounded General of the Vietnam War.
13. Meeting my best friend Amin at the U of M and thinking he was a complete loser!
14. Snowboarding for the first time with Samwell.
15. Eating at the same restaurant as my all-time favorite blogger Sincerely Jules in LA!
16. My first time ever at MN State Fair.
17. My FIRST Packers game!  And it was against the Vikings!
18. My summers spent playing soccer with Kaozong growing up.  So many friendships and memories we made.
19. Buying my entire family Journey tickets and seeing my mom dance for the first time.
20.  The summer all my girl & guy friends were single circa 2010.  Best summer of my life.
21. NYE at International Market Square!
22. Climbing my first mountain in New Jersey.
23. My first fashion show!
24. Making the front page paper in 4th grade because I decided to buy & donate school supplies to children in Afghanistan.
25.  And lastly, the birth of the most special boy in my life:  my baby brother.  
The moments go on and on and I probably missed some very crucial ones, but I hope this at least shed some light on my life for you.

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