Hello! I’m Amy, aka ‘Fivefeetsmall’. I started this blog years ago as a therapeutic outlet for writing but have since then evolved it into what it is today: A Personal Finance + Lifestyle blog.  Like most children of immigrants, I come from humble beginnings.

My parents came to the United States in 1980 as refugees displaced by the Vietnam War.  They raised me and my six siblings in Two Rivers, Wisconsin – a small city located along Lake Michigan – where they instituted their careers in manufacturing because they had no work-related skills at the time.  They worked multiple jobs with laborious hours to provide for our family.  And while I’m steadfast in my credence that I grew up with enough, there was certainly one thing my parents were desolate of: financial literacy. There was never anyone to guide them on how to allocate their income, understand 401Ks, retirement, or saving for their children’s future education.   As a result, I grew up with very limited financial awareness.  This adversity was undoubtedly a burden but empowered me throughout my academic career.

In college I majored in Finance because I wanted to study the principals and economics applied in the decision making of organizations.  I hoped to scale these calibers and apply them in my own personal and professional life.  However, throughout my studies I found myself asking the question: How can I use the knowledge I’ve acquired to help people like my parents gain financial literacy? Thus developed my passion to bring financial resources to underprivileged communities so they could make informed and effective decisions.

The purpose of my content is to inspire my readers by sharing my own personal stories and hopefully engage in conversations that contribute to the education and humanity of both myself and others.