DIY: My $15 No Sew Pom Pom Curtains

Here’s a super simple DIY project to spruce up your plain white (or other colored) curtains!  I’ve had these curtains in my living room for a while now and my only regret is that I didn’t buy them for every room in the house.  If anyone reading this is looking for quality curtains at an amazing price point (only $24.99 for a pair!) look no further than IKEA. These were the perfect width and length for our large window in the living room, but after having them up for a few weeks I decided they needed some extra flair.  I ordered this pom pom fringe from Amazon and decided to glue them onto the curtains using my hot glue gun.  You could also sew them on but that would require actual carefulness and skill to which I have none.

The process was quite simple.  First, I took the curtains off of the rod and laid it on the floor. I made the mistake of trying to apply a long section of glue to the curtain first, thinking I could secure longer pieces of garland to shorten the process.  Much to my chagrin, the glue dried extremely fast and was rock hard by the time I’d gotten a chance to place the garland on top of it.  So…save yourself the trouble and do only small sections at a time.  Eventually I got into a rhythm, turned on Spotify, and the rest of the time went something like: glue and apply, glue and apply, stop to hit the high note in Mariah Carey’s ‘Vision of Love’, glue and apply. The project took me about an hour from start to finish. I surprised Tommy when he came inside from mowing the lawn since he had no idea I was even working on it and he loved it!  I used up the entire garland which was 12 yards.  And for only $14.95, I’m thinking I now might just need to spruce up some pillows, socks, purses, and anything else laying around my house.

Curtains: Ikea // Curtain Rod: Amazon // Pom Garland: Amazon // Pillows: Target // Floor Lamp: Target (bought for $20!)

7 comments on “DIY: My $15 No Sew Pom Pom Curtains

  1. I love this! I want to do the pom pom fringe on my daughter’s bed skirt but I don’t know how to use a sewing machine. Glad to know using a hot glue gun would work!

    1. Thank you! I have only hand washed my curtains or spot cleaned them because I don’t think they’d fare well in the washing machine. I’ve heard there are good fabric glues out there though that can be used in the wash!

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