We Bought A House!

At the end of March I announced on my Instagram and Facebook that Tommy and I bought our first home together! It still feels surreal to me that a financial institution now officially owns my soul (and pockets), but I couldn’t be more proud to say that we are first-time home owners!

The process of buying our first home was long and tedious, but we learned so much about ourselves, our future, and the process along the way (I’ll write a separate detailed post on that next!) Unfortunately since we’ve closed on the house, literally every weekend has been filled with out of town trips and events that were booked prior to the purchase of the home so I haven’t been able to provide much of an update because well…there really wasn’t one.  However, we’ve finally managed to finish painting pretty much the entire upper level of the home so I thought I’d show some progress pictures!  The picture above is a ‘Before’ photo of what the house looked like when we purchased it.  The ENTIRE upper level of the home (it’s a bi-level) was painted in this horrible bright blue that was seriously reminiscent of a 1970’s grade school cafeteria *insert crying emoji here*. The front door to the home, along with some of the outdoor trim, was also painted this color *insert crying emoji  again, from the previous sentence here*.  So obviously addressing this treachery was our first order of business when we finally took over the house!

*Sorry in advance for the grainy iPhone photos.  I’ll try to remember to bring my camera for future update posts!

Let me just say that picking out our paint was not an easy feat!  We made several trips to Home Depot to get test samples of different grey hues we thought would look great in our living area.  We left all the samples up for a full day so we could see how they fared in both natural lighting and forced lighting.  This was such a crucial step in finalizing our paint colors because some of the greys would look blue or purple in different lighting and it helped us discard those choices.

We finally narrowed it down to two soft-tone greys that I loved but in the end there could only be one!  We ended up choosing ‘Silver Drop’ by Behr which is the most beautiful calming grey color!  It has seriously transformed our living area!  If you look again at the first ‘before’ photo, you’ll also notice that there was no overhead lighting which was a huge problem for the functionality of the living space. In the photos below you can see our recessed lighting we had installed.  We put these on a dimmer and absolutely love how much lighting they add to the upstairs!  We also removed the barn-style windows that were pictured in the first photo from the living room.  While it was a cool idea, we didn’t like that they  limited us to the two options of either having complete natural lighting by leaving them open or complete darkness by closing them.  We’re going to be framing the window with some trim and put up some curtains instead.  And NO we didn’t throw the barn window away!  We plan to keep the hardware and put them to use elsewhere in the house (stay tuned on that project!).  Below is the paint reveal for the living room!

We get our flooring installed this week (*SCREAMS!) and we’ve also been working on  updating the upstairs bedrooms so stay tuned for SO MANY home update posts to come!

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