DIY Marble Tray

Total Cost: $12 // Total Project Time: 15 minutes
Few materials evoke high-end living as simply and effectively as marble.  I’m a huge fan of the sophisticated stone and find myself buying everything from lamps to stationary in its’ lavish pattern.  A few weeks ago I was eyeing this marble tray from Macy’s but couldn’t justify spending the $79.99 asking price.  I decided it would be more economical (and fun) for me to replicate it so this past weekend I gave it a go and absolutely loved the end result!
Overall, this project cost me $12 and took  less than 15 minutes to complete (not including drying time).  This tray is such a great addition to any room and with the holidays coming up, it makes for a beautiful gift!  Below are the items you’ll need to make this:


Step 1. Turn the slab over and stick the felt pads on the bottom to give it some lift.
Note: The slab I used was 9″x 12″ and my drawer pulls were 5″.  I originally wanted gold or copper drawer pulls but they were all either too expensive or special-order items.  And though I still love how the silver ones turned out, you can always spray paint them to give it a more “high-end” look.


Step 2.  Measure 1 inch from the side and 2 inches from the top and mark this spot with a small  ‘X’ using a marker.  This will be where the pulls are glued.


Step 3.  Apply the glue to the bottom of the pulls and place onto the marked spots.  Using a q-tip, carefully wipe off any excess glue.  Let your slab dry overnight and that’s it!


I found a couple different spots for this beauty in the house and loved how it looked anywhere it was placed!






21 comments on “DIY Marble Tray

  1. This is such a great idea, I’m totally going to try it. Where did you buy your marble slab? I think I’d want to find one that was a bit longer and skinnier, but otherwise, super similar vibe.

    1. Hi Darcy!! Thanks so much! Yeah I want to make another one using a longer slab as well. I love that look, but that’s the great thing about this project is that there are so many great variations to it.

      I got my slab at Menards but I know Home Depot and Lowes have them as well! Best of luck on your project and would love to see pictures once it’s done!

    1. My next project is to make one for the kitchen!! No worries, you can always make replicas of the beautiful one you already own! 😉 Thanks for the sweet comment and for stopping by! XOXO.

  2. This is such a great DIY project! I have marble envy basically every day. I seriously never thought of doing this! It definitely does not look like it cost $12 to make. Love love love it! I have a feeling I will be making this soon… 🙂

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