Twenty Eight


When Tommy asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday I responded forthwith “nothing”. How could I even think to celebrate my birthday during a time like this?  Even with us being on the road of recovery, I felt it too soon to be celebrating anything – especially anything pertaining to me.  Not accepting my response, he asked me if I wanted to take a trip or throw a big party.  All ideas I immediately shot down.  As he continued to press the issue, I finally agreed to having a small birthday dinner.  We invited some close friends over to my family house where we played lightning, board games, + ate ice cream cake.  It was absolutely perfect.  I have to give a special ‘thank you’ to our beloved friends Paul + Liz for making the 24+ hour commute to spend the weekend with us, even though the Universe fought vigorously to obstruct their visitation. Your love and ingenious photobombs (see last photo) made this birthday extra special.

27 was a special transpiration of 365 days.  I traveled SE Asia.  Got engaged in Thailand. I took my parents to Disney World.  Flew to Vegas to eat crawfish. Took an Uber for the first time in Dallas. Ate fresh ceviche in Peru. Hiked Macchu Picchu.  And just when I told myself I was gonna catch up on sleep, I flew myself back to Vegas for more seafood.  When I look back on the unforgettable events of the last year, it’s almost implausible to think the last few weeks have been the complete opposite and filled with so much heartache.  I am forever changed by the events of this past month and will never be who I once was.  I live each day more thankful than the one before it.  I love harder.  I speak softer.  I smile more and I cry less.  Today I am 28 and my prayer for this world is that we learn to appreciate the relationships we have; that we stop consuming ourselves with trivial muck and neglecting Life’s adored moments.  Today I pray we become incapable of loving others any less than what we were meant to.


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  1. I loved this:
    “my prayer for this world is that we learn to appreciate the relationships we have; that we stop consuming ourselves with trivial muck and neglecting Life’s adored moments” – may your prayers be fulfilled for the good of all humanity. Happy Birthday, Amy 🙂

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, I’m glad you had a good time during your birthday. It’s always important to surround yourself with those who truly care for you, it helps so much for the healing process.

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