Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Cue the Adele playlist.  After a decade-or-so-long relationship with Blogger, I finally decided it was time to break up.

Like most breakups, it was extremely difficult to sever ties with something I had become so familiar with.  But unlike most breakups, there was no mistreatment.  I just felt it was time to move on to something that better suit my creative.  So I’m sorry Blogger, but we just grew apart.

That being said, I’m so excited to relaunch the blog (something I’ve been putting off for umpteen months)!  I already have a bale of new things I can’t wait to share on here!

And you know what they say: traveling is always a great way to deal with a breakup.  So on that note:  I leave to Peru in 10 days!!!  Someone teach me how to say “I’ll take two of everything” in Spanish.

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