Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Ninewest | Bag: French Connection | Jacket: H&M

‘Dressing up’ for me typically means switching up my modus vivendi of sweats & sneakers to sweats, sneakers, & a statement necklace.  I’ve always been an advocate of comfort style which is really just a decorative way of saying I’m an advocate of dressing like a coach potato. This translates to me always wearing long dresses or skirts to formal occasions so no one can actually see the air force one’s I’m wearing underneath.
Last night I attended the 2015 SOY (Shades of Yellow) Hmong New Year Event in Saint Paul with some family members, which celebrated the GBLT community here in the Twin Cities.  It was a beautiful night filled with beautiful people so I made the exception of pulling out the short dress & high heels (okay they were really only a 1/2 inch heel, but that’s still progress!).  You’ll see we got a little carried away with our selfie stick, but hey! We was feelin’ ourselves!  Until security escorted us out…

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