Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas with family, friends, & loved ones!  I’m sure you’re all still recouping from your holiday ‘hangover’, as this one always seems to require extra recovery time for people.  Christmas is the fair of all fetes in my famil(ies). Everything from food, to decor, to presents are always thought out in great detail to ensure the grand party that we always have.  This year was extra special, as we welcomed my boyfriend’s nephew to his very first Christmas!

When it comes to giving gifts, I am an extremist.  I wrack my brains for the perfect gift year round to prepare for this holiday.  Above is a nifty idea I put together for my boyfriend’s present with a card that read ‘I love you with all my senses’.  I put a lot of time and thought into picking out the perfect gifts to correlate to each sense and in the end it turned out perfect; just the amount of ‘cheesy’ and ‘adorable’ I was going for 🙂  Gifting really brings out the creative guru that lives inside of me.  My only disappointment is in knowing I won’t be able to top it off next year!

Here are remnants from the annual Ng Christmas party at Tanya of The Blissful Lane‘s house!







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