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Birthday Wish List
Birthday Wish List created by Amy Xiong

My quarter of a century mark is just around the corner!  As age continues with it’s ruthless defilement, I can’t help but notice the overt change to my yearly ‘wish list’.  Last year it included new Nikes and Jay-Z CDs.  Next year it will likely be retirement home recommendations and a walker with loop breaks (see here).  Every year I create one of these corny lists for my birthday.  Partly so I can sit and cogitate my current ‘wants’ to compare them to the year previous, and partly so that someone else can corral the information and act on it (anyone? no one?).  While I’ll be the first and last to say I have everything I could ever hope and dream for, these are the few splendors that wouldn’t hurt the richness of life at this moment.

1) Super Smash Bros – The only game missing in my Nintendo 64 collection!  Whoever buys this for me will reap the reward of being beaten thrice over by me as I am a world renowned champion in this game.  And trust me, it is a reward to bask in my greatness.  It can not be vanquished.

2) Poloroid camera – Not that my recent T3i birthday gift isn’t fulfilling enough.  This would honestly just serve as a great utility for entertainment purposes.

3) Coat – It’s Minnesota.  You only make it through the winters if you’re covered in something long and furry.  Someone please forward this to my wardrobe ASAP.  Cue Lord Stark: winter is coming!

4) Decorative Pillow Cases – I scold myself for not picking up a beautiful set of Cynthia Rowley pillow cases a few months back at Home Goods.  My current all-white bed set needs a bit of flare in the form of pillow cases.  I’d love these even more if they were pink though.

5) My all time favorite book in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  I could read it a million times over and love it the same with every read.  With that said, I need a new copy *cries*.  The only book Harper Lee ever wrote.  What a legacy she left.

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