Book Of Rules

I have this unofficial “Book Of Rules” that I try to abide by.  The fact that it is a) unofficial and b) remembered by memory and not by composed transcription (therefore, making it not really an actual book), can sometimes take urgency out of these rules being enforced.  Nonetheless, I continue to add unofficial rules to my unofficial book with every important circumstance that occurs in my life.  This weekend happened to contribute to 3 new rules.  To preface the rules and to how they came about – I’ll go briefly about the details of my weekend.

I got the opportunity to spend the weekend with my boyfriend.  We attended a wedding of one of his close friends on Friday and then on Saturday we spent the entire day at his basketball tournament.  Afterward, we had some one-on-one time together so we caught dinner & a movie.  These happenstances led me to my first new rule: Appreciate Good Men.

As women we’re so often looking for affirmation and gratitude from our boyfriends to comfort our insecurities, that we sometimes shy away from the fact that men appreciate being valued too.  Don’t be dismayed by your own vacillations so much.  Men need to be loved too.  They need bold, loving women who aren’t afraid to pick up the bill ever so often, take them on dates, and maybe even write blog posts about them to remind them how much they matter.  So if you’re reading dear boyfriend, you are appreciated.  
On Sunday I had the good fortune of working with some friends of mine at a casting call.  Afterward we all had lunch together, which consisted of great conversation and the ambiance of wonderful company.  One good friend invited their cousin to join us, which led me to my second rule 2) Take the time to meet your friends’ family members.   Show them that you care for them by caring for the people they care about.  All of my closest friends have met nearly everyone in both my immediate and extended family and vice versa.  It is the ultimate compliment and commitment of friendship when those closest to you, learn to love those closest to you.

And lastly 3) Have dinner with a family member once a week.  And every week make it someone new.  I remember when my dad started doing this with all of his nieces and nephews and how ingenious I found it to be.  I find that so many of us are more self-centered than we realize or admit to (including myself).  What on earth could possibly be more important than time spent with your own kin?  A meal a week.  I challenge you.

Additional rules that are pending after this weekend are….do not attempt to make apple pie via a You Tube video, always carry mint-flavored gum, and never leave the house without your house keys.
But those have yet to be approved.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and discovered their own blessings.
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